Tagaytay Highlands rising: The call of Midlands West

There’s something auspicious about the new year at Tagaytay Highlands. With the world now teetering on the brink of a new beginning, the country’s most exclusive leisure-residential mountain resort is breaking the grounds for what is touted to be the top destination estate’s next premium enclave after the Highlands, Midlands, and Greenlands. Here, a truly holistic way of life centered on sustainability is set to take root as an unprecedented lifestyle concept—Midlands West.

The Midlands deconstructed

For over 20 years, the Midlands has been a sought-after region of world-class themed residences and services known for its recreational lifestyle, and inspired by architecture and culture from different countries with panoramic views of Taal Lake and Mt. Makiling. Each neighborhood is sculpted following the natural landscape, creating functional and aesthetic green spaces.

Tucked 1,000 to 1,500 feet above sea level between the Highlands and Greenlands, the Midlands’ internationally themed residential enclave also features wide spaces. It makes for a bird sanctuary offering bird watchers and enthusiasts a welcome respite from work and an avenue for their passion.

The Midlands is also home to the competitive 27-hole championship Tagaytay Midlands Golf Course that is at par with international golf courses while surrounded by sweeping nature vistas.

Midlands West’s concept principles

Today, complementing the Midlands’ characteristically fun lifestyle, Tagaytay Highlands is set to reveal its newest district, Midlands West. This 320-hectare mixed-use enclave will provide amenities, facilities, parks, and open spaces founded on the mountain resort’s inherent values of ecocentrism, sustainability, health and wellness, and luxury mountain living. These distinct design pillars are Midlands West’s answer to the changing demands of the times. Based on a recent global sustainability report, Filipinos have become more eco-conscious while favoring responsibly progressive developments that warrant enhanced quality of life not only in the present but also for future generations.


 As Tagaytay Highlands continues to transition to the dawning of a new age, Midlands West is poised to adopt an eco-centric living concept for one to experience
health and wellness in an incomparable mountain resort setting

In this eco-centric community, the environment and its residents will thrive together while protecting the surrounding environs and natural terrain. Its holistic design aims to incorporate the natural landscape in its future communities to ensure that its master plan will highlight nature as a distinctive feature.

For future residents, this means getting the most of nature from every angle to enjoy 360-degree view opportunities of Taal Lake, the Batangas scenery, Mt. Makiling and Banahaw. And with holistic wellness in mind, leveraging its generous green open spaces will allow one to enjoy the beauty of nature while encouraging outdoor activities to promote a healthy well-being


As Tagaytay Highlands’ newest residential district, Midlands West will have the natural environment and its residents thriving together to nurture life
the way nature
intended in which health and wellness will flourish at its core.

Midlands West will integrate sustainable features as part of the lifestyle to promote green living. This it hopes to achieve by employing efficient solid waste management and water conservation practices as well as rain gardens and drought-tolerant plants across all future residential projects. Likewise, inspired by its values of simplicity, functionality, and comfort, the type of architecture in Midlands West will be very organic. This means fostering a strong connection with nature by utilizing natural light and ventilation and pushing for innovative use of repurposed and eco-friendly materials.

Health and Wellness

Midlands West will boast of a prime location featuring a sustainable living concept that will ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing.

At the heart of this new Midlands cluster envisioned to be human-centric as well, holistic health, wellness and nature will converge. Putting at the forefront of its mission the welfare of individuals, its prime location will allow residents and their families to be enveloped in nature’s splendor while enjoying a sundry of outdoor experiences ranging from passive and active activities to extreme adventures. All these coming together toward integrating the mind, body and soul into the built environment.

Luxury Mountain Living

Coming home to Midlands West will embody the prestige of being part of an exclusive mountain resort community. This means living in an incomparable natural environment that assures the same quality and stature as existing residential projects in Tagaytay Highlands.

Filipinos welcoming the new year at Tagaytay Highlands will be happy to know that the development has been awarded the Safety Seal of the City Government of Tagaytay for providing safety and security to its residents, guests, and staff.

Tagaytay Highlands’ developer, Highlands Prime Inc., a subsidiary of SM Prime Holdings, has also been named by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development as one of CALABARZON’s 2021 Outstanding Developers for Open Market Projects.

Tagaytay Highlands’ highly competent property management team ensures that all facilities and personnel will continue to adhere to safety protocols and sanitation procedures like hand sanitation, disinfection, wearing of face masks, and social distancing in public spaces.

Finally, the Highlands’ property management commits to remain efficient in delivering quick crisis responses during adverse natural and high-risk events.

Amidst the golden countryside and verdant mountains, Midlands West aspires to ingrain a culture of health and wellness in the communities that it will build—a culture that will further encourage and inspire its future residents in their pursuit towards holistic and sustainable living.


Tagaytay Highlands is a private mountain resort exclusive to its homeowners and their guests, featuring a holistic leisure environment that defines a luxurious lifestyle set amidst breathtaking views of nature.

For inquiries and other information, interested buyers may access Tagaytay Highlands’ Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Tagaytayhighlands); Instagram (@tagaytayhighlandsofficial); and website, www.tagaytayhighlands.com.