Where Leisure Becomes Life
Where Leisure Becomes Life

Second to None in Serenity

Tagaytay Highlands is a residential and recreational leisure community set against the peaceful surroundings of
Cavite’s natural wonders. Subdivided into The Highlands, The Midlands, and The Greenlands, this reticulum is
home to some of Asia’s premier delights, topped off with a mountain view one won’t soon forget.

For Homes and the Holidays

There is more to Tagaytay Highlands than the weekend getaway. To the keen eye and wandering spirit,
the mountainside can truly be one’s home away from home.

News & Updates

2022 Presidents Cup

Tagaytay Highlands would like to thank these partners for supporting The President’s Cup 2022 to be held at Tagaytay Midlands ...
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Horizon Terraces Garden Villas’ Scottsdale: bountiful nature views all around

There is an undeniable charm in mountain living that is unmatched in the lowlands. On a clear day, heralded by ...
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Tagaytay Highlands’ Primrose Parks: summer joys and holiday cheer

Summery holidays The holidays bring so much joy to Filipino families as they gather in one home to catch up ...
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