Where Leisure Becomes Life
Where Leisure Becomes Life


For over 25 years, Tagaytay Highlands has established itself and remained as a top leisure and events
destination. From the regular round of golf to the wedding of a lifetime, this holiday mainstay has played
host and backdrop to some priceless memories just a few hours away from the metro proper.

The Highlands

With stunning views for miles, The Highlands stays true to its name, situated right at the highest point of elevation in Tagaytay.

The Greenlands

Rediscover nature and an eco-farming lifestyle at The Greenlands. Made to build communities on nature's blueprint.

The Midlands

This golfing district also features uniquely themed neighborhoods, all of which take design inspiration from a myriad of cultures.

Midlands West

Midlands West is the newest mixed-use district in Tagaytay Highlands rooted on the principles of ecocentrism, sustainability...


How to Get There/Site Map: Although the roads may constantly change, the destination is a constant.
Find your way with ease with these routes.


With an average high of just under 26°C and an average low of 19°C, the naturally rejuvenating climate of Tagaytay is an ideal backdrop for everything. From the daily routine of a homeowner to the occasional family vacation to the once-in-a-lifetime wedding, rain or shine, the delicately salt-laced wind from Balayan Bay eased by the breeze over Taal Lake can do wonders for both mind and body.