Where Leisure Becomes Life
Where Leisure Becomes Life


Few things improve upon fantastic weather the way good food does. In Tagaytay Highlands, there is no shortage of choice for the next great meal. Tagaytay Highlands is home to the finest dining outlets and specialty restaurants that offer local and international cuisine, with some being a classic favorite of members and their guests.

For some, getaways are for stopping to smell the roses. For others, they’re for beating one’s personal best. Here, there’s something to do for both types of people, and every person in between. Discover the active lifestyle of Tagaytay Highlands. Enjoy the sun and the cool breeze.

The discerning host knows when they need an exceptional venue. For meetings, tournaments, intimate parties, and nearly every gathering can only be made more memorable with Tagaytay Highlands’ signature venues, gourmet set menus, and breathtaking views.

Every happy couple deserves to make the start of the rest of their lives together a day they can’t forget. Although Tagaytay Highlands is already known as a top wedding destination, these special days are made even better.