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Vireya Cover

Indulge in nature’s grandeur at Vireya, the tropical residential oasis in the heart of Tagaytay Highlands. Situated at the highest point of The Midlands, this haven is a visual delight, a perfect setting for those yearning for a holistic escape. This property spreads over 20.8 hectares of land overlooking the beautiful sceneries of Mount Makiling and the Taal Lake. Vireya has a total of 301 lots with an average of 14 lots per hectare.

Vireya is where the different elements of nature and architecture are perfectly put together creating a tropical-inspired community and a tranquil place sheltered by lush landscape. With lot sizes ranging from 250 sq.m. to 612 sq.m., you can easily build your dream home with a high pitched roof, walls with wood and stone finishes, wide glass windows for extravagant views, an entry with cozy lanai and a patio surrounded by a landscaped garden. With Vireya as your new home, you and your family can enjoy the best of a classic mountain resort living.