Where Leisure Becomes Life
Where Leisure Becomes Life

Lots for sale in Tagaytay Highlands

Nestled in the highest elevation of the city, Tagaytay Highlands is a leisure destination that speaks of exclusivity and luxury where stunning nature views and a breezy, cool climate come together to redefine relaxation.

Lots in Tagaytay Highlands: A Great Destination to Call Your Own

There are various reasons why Tagaytay City is worth the investment. From awe-inspiring sights, a peaceful environment, to a stress-free and well-rounded lifestyle, Tagaytay has so much to offer. No wonder people have always dreamed of getting a property here to call their own. If you’re among them, well you can’t miss considering Tagaytay Highlands’ real estate properties.

Tagaytay Highlands is comprised of exclusive, themed residential communities complemented by Asia’s most exciting golf courses, a wide selection of restaurants, and a variety of leisure activities, all set amidst the stunning views of majestic Taal Lake and the lush mountains. It is where sought-after regions, the Highlands, the Midlands, and the Greenlands, showcase residential lots that bring residents closer to nature.

The Highlands

Sitting along the highest elevation of Tagaytay, The Highlands boasts of a distinction of having the gorgeous 360-degree views, a refreshingly cool climate, and close proximity to club amenities. Its land area is approximately 360 hectares with an estimated elevation of 2,000 – 2,500 feet above sea level.

Aspenhills –Your Home Beyond Ordinary

Wake up to cool misty weather and stunning perspectives of the Canlubang Valley and Laguna de Bay. With lot size ranging from 300 to 800 square meters, Aspenhills takes pride of its modern ranch style and mountain lodge architecture and design which sets it apart from residential developments in Tagaytay Highlands.

The Midlands

The Midlands consists of themed enclaves inspired by architecture and culture from countries all over the world. Land area is approximately 670 hectares, elevated at about 1,000 – 1,500 feet above sea level. Its location allows residents and their families to be enveloped in nature’s splendor.

Vireya – Live the Resort Life

Fulfill your distinct leisurely pursuits at Vireya – Tagaytay Highlands’ first tropical community where focal interests can be found in every residential block. Ravel with your family and friends at the Pavana, a pavilion with swimming pool, or Ammanya Massage Point and spend calmest afternoons with nature at the Treehouse or pocket parks. Several jogging paths also surround various residential zones perfect for an active and fit lifestyle. Vireya’s lot sizes range from 250 to 612 sqm, making it easy for you to build your dream home and enjoy the best of mountain resort living.

Sycamore Heights – Come Home to Breathtaking Views of Nature

The perfect escape from the busy city life is being close to nature—in a place that will allow you to breathe, clear your thoughts, and marvel over more important things in life. This is what Sycamore Heights at Tagaytay Highlands has to offer—a promise of nature’s breathtaking views every day. With lot sizes ranging from 250 to 959 square meters and a strategic location in the Midlands, it provides top-notch, nature-inspired amenities, an ambiance of serenity, and a chance to experience the luxury of mountain resort living.

Yume – Zen Living at its Finest

Yume is a Japanese word that signifies “dream.” With lot sizes ranging from 500 to 751 square meters, Tagaytay Highlands’ Yume is viewed as Katsura’s best-kept secret due to its exclusivity, artistry, luxury and elegance, tranquility, and well-being—all promising a sophisticated living. With the brilliant architectural style and interior design and the inviting majesty of the outdoors, it depicts the perfect union of form and function. Sitting above Katsura, Yume additionally offers a breathtaking view of the Taal Lake. It has pocket gardens that are perfect for picnics and recreational activities and is situated close to the Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club.

The Greenlands

With approximately 260 hectares and an estimated elevation of 920 feet above sea level, the Greenlands helps you rediscover a less complicated lifestyle, where communities are tightly knit to encourage camaraderie, homes are airy and welcoming, and life is approached holistically.

Nob Hill – A Seamless Blend of Nature and Modern Living

Nob Hill is the only residential community in the Greenlands featuring modern architecture-inspired homes with simple, geometric linear design as well as large picture windows for natural daylight. This residential enclave is located at the highest point of the Greenlands, offering lots on top of verdant sloping hills with scenic views of Mt. Makiling, Highlands and Mt. Makulot. Featuring linear road parks, Nob Hill promotes an innovative and lavish lifestyle through its passive and active amenities. The central park offers both work-and-play activities such as the Palm Court, Fitness Station, Trellis, Gazebo, Children’s Play Area, and Jogging Path.