As the year draws to a close, we are proud to present to you a wonderful assortment of upcoming events, entertainers, and promotions exclusively for Club members and their guests. Check out the Christmas Treasures and Highlands Art sections for the dates and venues of various events and performances. Celebrate gatherings together at The Highlander Steakhouse. Read on the Joy of Christmas Feasts and plan for your next reunion and even an engagement dinner. Sample our yummy selections of bread and sweet chocolate desserts for the season. And, do try some of our artisanal wines from France, Italy, and Spain. Explore a world of flavors in every sip and bite. e holidays can be tiring as well. So schedule a holiday massage at The Spa and Lodge and experience a range of treatment and packages. And worry not for the young children, we have a variety of facilities catering to their needs as the adults enjoy the benefits of the spa and golf. ese and a lot more are in store for you. We will be waiting for your arrival. See you at the Club!