Things You Need to Know About Tagaytay Highlands’ Exclusive Clubs

Tagaytay Highlands Clubs Cover

Tagaytay Highlands is known for its membership clubs that are at par with its members’ lifestyle. What sets us apart from other clubs out there is our wide range of amenities and facilities made available for you. Whether you’re in it for fun, outdoor activities or rest and relaxation, everything can be found at Tagaytay Highlands.

Fine Fairways and First Class Golf Clubs

Actual Photo of the Highlands Golf Club

Tagaytay Highlands is home to two challenging golf courses set amidst nature’s breathtaking views making it one of the favorite playgrounds of golf enthusiasts. Known as Asia’s most exciting golf course, we have the 18-hole Highlands Golf Course and the challenging 27-hole Midlands Golf Course known for its beautiful backdrop of the Taal Lake and Volcano. These courses are not one to play around with as they are also made specifically to challenge players with different obstacles along the way.

Aside from the golf course itself, other amenities are also available like cable cars, locker rooms, specialty shops and restaurants, and saunas for you to unwind with family and friends after a tiring day of playing golf.

Play and Unwind at the Country Club

Actual Photo of The Country Club

If you’re in for a lot of fun and leisure activities, then Tagaytay Highlands’ Country Club is for you. Our country club houses a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities that you will love. Some of the many amenities that we offer are the classic indoor courts such as badminton, basketball, billiards, and bowling.

Take a dip in the pool, go horseback riding, or try the Sporting Arrow, you name it. Our club offers recreational activities that best suit the interest of all members of the family.

A country club is not complete without world-class service restaurants. With that, the Country Club houses specialty restaurants and dining outlets which offer famous cuisines from around the world.

A Relaxing Treat at the Spa and Lodge

Actual Photo of The Spa & Lodge

If you’re longing for a much-awaited and well-deserved rest and relaxation, then our Spa and Lodge will be perfect for you. Our Spa and Lodge offers a variety of world-class services ranging from full body massages, facials, body scrubs, and so much more. One of our popular services includes our signature massage, Swedish massage, and hilot or the Filipino massage.

Tagaytay Highlands truly sets the bar in premier mountain resort living as it continues to provide world-class facilities for its affluent members. From golf clubs to spa and sports facilities, your membership is worth every cent.