Tagaytay Highlands Properties That Would Make a Picture-Perfect Home

Asia Pacific's Best 2017-2018 - Tagaytay Highlands by International Property Media

A collection of themed homes, a range of amenities, and luxury and exclusivity on top of all that, Tagaytay Highlands is indeed one of the best places in the country to settle down. Not to mention, each property makes a picture-perfect home with its ideal location set amidst scenic views. Take a look at some of the properties we have below.


The photo above is Artist’s Perspective of Yume, not an actual photo.

Looking for a home that’s simple but refined? If you look forward to tranquil afternoons and relaxing abode, you might just consider Yume, Tagaytay Highlands’ best-kept secret. This Japanese minimalist themed community offers Zen living with its location sprawling on three hectares of gently rolling terrain and opens up to the fine fairways of the Midlands Golf Course and Taal Lake and Volcano.

Sycamore Heights

Sycamore Heights Cover
The photo above is Artist’s Perspective of Sycamore Heights, not an actual photo.

Wake up to the Taal Lake and Volcano right outside your window at Sycamore Heights. The property offers an unparalleled view of the well-known spectacle with homes characterized by open space planning and minimalist design using clean lines and down-to-earth tones.
Sycamore Heights might just be the perfect place for families who opt for an environment at the heart of nature.

Nob Hill

Nob Hill Cover
The photo above is Artist’s Perspective of Nob Hill, not an actual photo.

If you’re looking for modern architecture and amenities, then consider Nob Hill as your weekend home. This property was tailor-made for the urbane as it fosters an innovative and holistic lifestyle amidst nature. Its ideal location at the highest point of the Greenlands makes it picture-perfect with views of Mt. Makiling and Maculot and exclusive amenities designed for both work and play.

Horizon Terraces

The photo above is Artist’s Perspective of Horizon Terraces, not an actual photo.

Also tucked within the Midlands is Horizon Terraces, a residential enclave that outlines 3.2 hectares of a beautiful terrain. With your choice of a contemporary Asian garden villa or suite, and its unobstructed views of the timeless Taal Volcano and Lake, Mount Makiling, and
Midlands golf course, Horizon Terraces in Tagaytay Highlands can definitely make a picturesque home.

Woodlands Point

Actual Photo of Woodlands Point Community
Actual Photo of Woodlands Point Community

The Woodlands Point in Tagaytay Highlands combines the charms of countryside living with contemporary ski resort log cabins made of Western red cedar imported from Canada. Find your hideaway with our signature property alongside Tagaytay’s landscape, lush greens, and a mountaintop ambiance and you’ll later realize you’ve made the right choice for a property investment.


These are just a few of the many properties Tagaytay Highlands offers along with master- planned developments in the years to come. And with the lifestyle choices of upscale and refined families in mind, Tagaytay Highlands is truly a worthy investment.

Looking for a place to settle? Who knows, Tagaytay Highlands might be the weekend home you’ve always dreamed of.