The Highlands Suites

Relax in our exclusive array of suites and villas with an impressive view of the mountains and countryside. Rates are exclusive of VAT and Service Charge and subject to change without prior notice.


The Highlands Inn

Available for families and corporate functions, the Highlands Inn offers Standard, Superior and Deluxe Rooms for the people on-the-go. Located at the heart of The Country Club complex, all areas of sports and recreational facilities are within reach.

Camp Highlands Cabins

Enjoy the natural feel of The Cabins and Upper Cabins of Camp Highlands. Closest to the camping grounds, and trekking area, one will delight on the natural landscapes or take a dip on its pool.

Camp Highlands Tents

Enjoy the bonfire and experience the great outdoors and commune with nature. Camping facilities and services are available. Prior arrangements required.